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You can be a hero too when you diagnose and heal the heroes with real medical tools! Flower blast is a simple puzzle game that is easy to learn & quick to play.

Help firemen, postmen, policemen and superheroes when you fix their broken bones, soothe their fevers, and give them medicine! This blaster will challenge your brain and your reflexes!

SIGARMS, Inc (first in Tysons Corner, then Herndon, and finally in Exeter) was the American arm/importer of SIG-Sauer from 1985-2007. The X5-L1 pictured is a SIG Sauer gun with a SIGARMS import mark (so 2007 or earlier). I'm guessing even though one sticker on the box is from 2008, and another is 2009, that the frame may have been made or "in process" back from 2007.

I have no problem with an older German Sig from that era and appreciate it's history.

Here's another interesting question: It's marked Sig Arms, Inc and NOT Sig Sauer. I'm guessing it's an "Olde School" Sig made at about the time the company was transitioning into Sig Sauer as it stands today.

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Since there's no apparent replacement in the new Xtreme Line, should they be considered "collectors" or not? In the past i tried to find out how many were sold by contacting one of the guys on Sig Forum that was noted to contact. If anyone can find out, I'd be interested to hear: When they started, how many of each model they made, how many were sold by the year, which was the most popular, which was the slowest seller?

Also, have they had any significant,major problems or ammo issues? Also, were they ever standard issue to any agencies or units..the Tactical ever really get any tactical usage?

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