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They drive maybe 2-3 miles from my house to a hotel. Are you the type of person who also threatens to beat people up when they don't agree with your distorted POV? I often wonder if guys like you have any clue how foolish you look to others.

The husband went in and paid for a room, we go to the room, the women jumps in the shower and I am sitting on the bed feeling a little nervous, husband out of no where was like yeah , you think my wife is sexy huh, here have a beer. I often wonder if guys like you have any clue how foolish you look to others. Why do you feel compelled to push your narrow-minded morality on others? I have had MFM threesomes with my girlfriend on numerous occasions, and I can assure you that I am not gay, impotent, or a pedophile.

So after I kick off my shoes and turn on ESPN and watch sportscenter.

She calls my cell phone saying we are in your neighborhood, where you live?

So we decided..her and I would meet for coffee which we did and we talked nonstop like we had known each other for years it was so natural.

We then continued our online chatting and became very serious about getting together an afternoon of sex.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

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My friend and I are not gay nor did we even think about anything homosexual while pleasing her.

We had discussed having sex as I had been without for nearly 4 years being in a marriage without sex.

She is a very kind and caring woman and really wanted to help me feel the touch of a woman again.

He then lead his wife to the bed and began to kiss her undressing her along the way she motioned for me to get on the bed which I did laying on my back both of then now naked him tasting her from behind as she sucked me feverishly...then entered her from behind she moaned loudly on me as she sucked me with such passion it took mear minutes for her to begin to come I moved her up and held her in my arms as she moaned and trembled coming over and over then her husband came as well thrusting more quickly...was extremely comfortable as was I as he opened a condom and handed it to her so she could roll it onto me...straddled me lowering herself onto me so warm and wet mmmm..began to ride me slowly at first as she was still very sensitive from the previous round of orgasms then she saw her husband watching and smiling..again from seeing how much she was enjoying it and she began to move faster and grabbed his c*ck pulling him closer...

I could tell she was ready to come again so I asked him to rub her clit as she rode me..reached between us and rubbed her cl*t back and forth as she rode me..started to come uncontrollably nearly sobbing as I held her on my chest...again kissing her forehead and telling her how amazing it was... Personally I wouldn't be very comfortable watching my wife/girlfriend getting it on with another guy, but to each his own.

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