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Time was that the standard Chinese parental reply to the question “Where did I come from?

” was “I found you in a rubbish pile,” or “I gave birth to you from my armpit”.

“The book is flawless,” said Peng Xiaohui, an outspoken sexologist and life sciences professor Central China Normal University.

Peng said the series’ author, Beijing Normal University academic Liu Wenli, spent nine years researching and compiling the material before teaching it at a primary school in Beijing as a pilot programme for another six years.

The post stirred up a whirlwind of controversy, with many commenters decrying the book as pornography.

‘Honest’ primary school sex-education textbook in China slammed for going too far Health education specialists and the author stood by the content but the Hangzhou primary school was eventually forced to withdraw the series from circulation, revealing just how sensitive the topic of sex education remains in China for parents and teachers.

Jiang Jianping, from Fujian Normal University, said China had regulations requiring sex education be included in primary and middle school curriculums, but the regulations were not put into practice.

“There are no binding rules on minimum hours students spend learning the subject or teachers’ qualifications to teach it,” Jiang said.

Even today, sex education is still in its infancy while neighbours such as Japan and South Korea have made the subject a regular part of the curriculum for decades.Leading sexologist blasts China's poor sex education after attack during speech He said the parents who objected to the content had never discussed sex in the classroom.“I would say that 99 per cent of Chinese parents are illiterate in terms of sexual health,” Peng said.This is the place where all HQ American Sex Videos are absolutely arousing and unique.Select the hottest Porn Movies of your favorite kind!

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