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Their average per capita income is up to fifty times higher than in any of the African countries.

Do you think any American Black in his or her right mind would actually want to relocate to the black-run, “liberated” countries of Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo, or South Africa?

Many Whites led the effort to end all forms of slavery, fighting and dying so that Blacks can be free from bondage. We get “white guilt”, the notion of “white privilege”, and anti-White discrimination laws such as Affirmative Action, which ensure there are less White people in schools and the work force.

Why not focus on this current tragedy in our world instead of making movies that incite anti-White violence, such as ?

Also, there is a great deal evidence that has been unearthed (and then quickly buried) that indicates that White people were in North America before the Amerindians.

If you are interested in this topic, I suggest you look into the Solutrean hypothesis, Kennewick Man, the Lovelock Cave skulls, the Dolichocranic skull of a Peñon woman, the Spirit Cave mummy, and the massive stone megaliths all over New England, which were not created by Amerindians, but match the megaliths found in Europe.

Besides warring with United States military, the Amerindian tribes fought and killed each other en masse, as well as attacking White villages – scalping, raping, and torturing women and children.

Do you actually think Dances With Wolves or are accurate representations of history?

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